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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
Methanol won't directly cool oil, but it will cool your combustion chamber and in turn lower EGT's. This will make the engine run more efficiently, while making more power.

Problem is with methanol you will be adding boost, and therefore creating more heat on the turbo's. The reality is in the 3 years running methanol on this car, my oil temps were still the same they were without methanol, they may have rose slightly slower with methanol.

If you want to cool your oil, get an oil cooler, or an aftermarket oil cooler if your stock is sufficient.

Thread starter if you need any help I'm a PM away. There are many people that modify their car with no oil cooler, I dont normally recommend it but it can be done depending on your conditions and climate as well as how the car is driven.
Hi Jeff, well I live up north in Canada and I don't see my oil temps rising during the fall/winter. I had to fill up about three bottles during the summer though, and when I went to the dealer, they claimed it was normal?

Just like what JamesM3M5 mentioned that I could probably tune now and then install an oil cooler when spring/summer comes around. What do you think?

I was wondering what kind of real synthetic oil should I use? Brand/type. A buddy told me not to use BMW's 5W30.