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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Firstly, LSD + M3 Arms + coilovers + M3 subframe bushings = about $5k. I'll go ahead and throw in a really big oil cooler since you'll need it to go tracking; $6k.
wavetrac installed (got quotes i can email you if you'd like) is $3k+
installed and corner balanced good C/O are $3k+
subframe bushings+M3 arms is labor intensive job $2.5k+

minium $8.5k there. more like $9-10k if you don't live in poverty states where indy shops rates are still $50/hour.

Lets go ahead and make our 335i faster than an M3 in a straight line as well; VRSF downpipes and FMIC, $800, procede/dci/flex fuel (for E85) $2k.

software $700
installed FMIC and DP=$3k
forgot O2 simulators


So for $15k we have a 450rwhp 335i on E85 that still DOES NOT have the brakes, steering ratio, seats, all the bushings, and missing all the structural rigidity supports of M3. wow, what a deal! I just spent $15k making my 335i less reliable and costing more than equivalent year/mileage m3, which will still be superior on the track and still cost more during resale.

Obviously E46's are cheaper. Why not get an earlier year C5 corvette in that case, better in every way than an E46 and even cheaper; much more potential too.. Why not get a.... pretty soon we should just link this thread to .
Did you just say C5 is better in every way than E46 M3? I have no further comments. At all.