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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
Any news on this fella?

Rumours seem to be that the 'upgraded software' has nothing to with the OBD/keys,but is focused on making the car more secure in terms of access,which to me points to the alarm,the sensors and the blind spot.

So what is the point of upgrading it if it focuses just sensors. Typical BMW!

Ian, I was installing my music system over the weekend. And did not get the time to update this software.

Will give it a go over this weekend hopefully.

I read a bit on this clonning kit and understood some of it. A key can be coded only once and these people are changing the chips inside the same key fob for every new venture.

There are two approaches if BMW really wants to secure it;

a) BMW completely disables OBD port with locking. Not difficult for them and I hope they have done this. As this seems to be best solution for the future problems as well. If this is the case, then I can check it and confirm it easily, once update the module.

b) BMW encrypt the information which is stored in specific module so the sensitive information cannot be pulled out easily. Again they can simply encrypt it to relatively safer mode / level or alter the module in a way that those kits cannot access the information.
Approach B will be risky as hackers will find the ways to decrypt it soon and get the information again.

In all honesty, I am not expecting much from BMW (as you said that they focused just on sensors).

Meanwhile, can somebody lend me this 'clonning kit', so I can try it before and after the update? This is the only way to confirm whether approach B works (if that is really what they have done).