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Originally Posted by DZhengHellaFlush View Post
Damn. Should of got the all new 2013 range rover. probably same price as this used G. Or just go all out and buy the all new 2013 G63amg. This thing is out dated already. But over good car and congrats man. G are the king of SUV
We test drove a 2013 RR Sport Supercharged but she didn't like the way it drove. Plus we felt that the interior was a little too plain and felt kind of cheap. It was a nice car though and we really liked the lowering and raising feature and the ride comfort was amazing but it wasn't really a determining factor for us.

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Why does anyone need to bash on the G ride in this thread? OP and his wife decided that's what they wanted and they went for it. Kudos to them! I always see hot women in their 30's and 40's driving these. Can anyone say turn-on! Haha congrats buddy.
Thanks, our neighbor has one too. She's close to 40 but looks like she's 25.

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Congrats OP, I've driven a few G55s at my last job and my god I love those things. They have a presence like no other and they sound mean as hell. I love the driving position as well with the windshield so close to your face and at almost a right angle. If I had to get any SUV that would be it. Enjoy it!
Yeah, I've never really driven an SUV my entire life. Driving it back to our house in the city, I really enjoyed the fact that I was really high up over the other cars. It was much easier to navigate around and quite frankly this car makes you feel invicible due to how solid it is.