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"Operation: Make or Brake" is go!

Most of us on here will have looked at our rusty wheel hubs and our pitted, corroded, ugly calipers and decided that this simply wasn't to our liking. No matter what model you have, it comes to most of us.

Hubs are easy to sort - either paint them with a little hammerite or buy replacement 'coated' discs.

The calipers issue has further solutions:
a. Paint with caliper paint (easiest, cheapest, most common)
b. Buy a Big Brake Kit (Not cheap, potentially massive overkill!)
c. Stick on a chinese caliper cover (socially unacceptable, potentially
hazardous, fake!)

I have mine painted silver, but I still wasn't happy. Having a 335i, the 348mm discs and big calipers fill the space behind my 19" rims well and do the job great so I wasnt going to spend a ŁK or two on a BBK. So taking a bit of a lead from Audi, I've come up with a mini-project!

Looking at various audis, they use a larger than average antivibration clip with a logo'd plate on it to add a bit of asthetic to the brakes:

Im planning on doing something similar with some clips I bought:

...but cover more of the 'open' caliper area.

Here's a before and after imagining of how it might look!


After (picked a GTS-ish colour scheme and fired on a wee logo - didnt have a plain BMW one handy!)

The spring clips seem well able to hold a little extra weight as they are v tightly clipped in and the additional metal plate that I'll add will be properly affixed by someone more able than me. Am I missing any obvious issues, or any C&Cs before I start my little project?