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I had my experience with BMS
I simply emailed him about the PBX that ever since it was installed, the car was all screwy and shifting issues and severe jerkiness etc..
I asked if there could be a defect in the unit I had just like I had a while back with my power commander for my R1 which was simply sent back for a new one.
I was told maybe I didn't install it right.
I installed it to the letter, it is perfect, it was easy as hell. So I said could it just be a bad unit. He said no and if I want better, than get a 335.
LOL ok well I wish I could get a 335 but for now I have the 28 and just wanted to know if I could maybe swap with another one just to make sure mine was good or bad and they could check the one I have.
Maybe the majority of you have great experience with BMS, I wish I did too. I wasn't happy with the customer service I had gotten. For now I keep my PBX map on stock....Dealer could not find a single thing wrong with the car, so either it's a bad pbx or just the way it's supposed to be but it is very abrupt in driving performance so stock map for now.
Hating on them? No, the op isn't hating, he simply would like customer service/support on a product that they back.
Shit happens, things aren't always 100% some have flaws...if they say it works and is for your car, then turns out to be screwing it up, than that's a no brainer if a company doesn't do what's right for their customers and the product they sell and advertise.
My own experience with BMS, I thought he was the biggest asshole the way he treated a customer and didn't stand behind a product they designed.