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Originally Posted by badassfajita View Post
I think the OP is referring to the Gray POPLAR wood trim, not popular lol. This was offered in 07-08 and discontinued thereafter.

I got the aluminum, but if I could go back in time, I would get the gray poplar instead. Classy yet sporty.

BMW has taken cost cutting measures since 2008 due to the Euro/$ exchange rate. The dollar has gotten much stronger since then.
Yes, you are right, is is Gray Poplar, my bad. Really makes the interior IMHO. I didn't even notice the net behind the seats missing and the few other things mentioned here.

I am sure the gas and X-Drive could have made a difference but it was so bad my wife even said something and she is not a car guy like me.

Maybe I should not have said I am disappointed with the new one so much as how much I am impressed with my 07. One of my favorite cars to date. Definitely my favorite DD. That says a lot coming from somebody with a Callaway SC652 Z06 and Viper GTS in the garage. I also have a Lightning which I feel is an awesome vehicle. I can pick up my mulch during the day and turn a 13.5 1/4 mile at night...