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Originally Posted by lcix View Post
I just finished installing these below. I have or had the 6 speaker base stereo. I should also add that I know just enough to do my own installs, no expert here.

JL Cleansweep grabbing front & underseat signals to a 4 channel amp powering a set of components & pair of sws-8xi's. It's a Musicar kit.

I also replaced the rear decks with a pair of coaxials.

Any advice on how I should go about adding a small amp to power the rear decks? (other than not to power them?)

Y cable off the RCA front signal to the new 2 channel amp? Get a CL-SSI? Power the rears with the current amp & use the new amp for the subs? Use the MS-8 chillin' in my dining room that I'm selling?

I assume my "Gong" would get louder with another 100w in the rear?
A little's why:

The base stereo does not have a "separate" feed for the front mids and woofers. They are wired in parallel. The front signal is passed to the mids from the underseat connection point.

If VP-E made you a harness then you are good to go. That harness grabs the signal immediately prior to underseats and then amps it and splits it back to the underseats and mids.

As far as the rear deck, I honestly would NOT power them. What amp/speakers do you have in the front stage? Rear?

You can achieve same effect by getting a louder rear speaker if you really want to. The DLS 424 is best for that application, with a few more options also.