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Road force balancing. Yes or no?

I got a set of Michelin PSS installed and wanted to get road force balanced at America's tire. Two different shops told me that it isn't necessary for these tires and it would be a waste of my money. They said they'll do it but its not worth it especially with these tires that are not likely to be out of round or something.

Now I don't know about you but if they wanted to make money and jerk me around, shouldn't they have pushed me to do it??

But instead both shop managers told me that its not necessary at all.

However, I know that when my tires can from the factory, it had a white sticker dot on it which I found out was the high point of the tire. I discovered that this dot needs to match the valve stem of the wheel to balance out the tire. Also they may have been road forced at the factory and put in those stickers.

So let me know if it is worth it. I don't really get any steering wheel vibrations but the drive does seem to be less smooth. Like very minute chassis vibrations at freeway speeds. I'm wondering if even road force could fix this.