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I've mentioned that I have an analog noise in my system. I recently narrowed it down and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

Noise: "Buzz Sound"
Location: Front Left Tweeter
System: HiFi (recoded from Stereo)
Conditions: Only Occurs when:
Brake is depressed
MS-8 volume is up: Muting MS-8 completely eliminates the noise (thus JL Amps are not the culprit so it's either an INPUT to the MS-8, or generated by MS-8 (note, the MS-8 also produces a processor/digital noise which I can hear but its not as bad.

I thought this problem was new since my JL HD amp install but realized that I'd heard it before when the cruise control applied the brakes (at that time still had the stereo coding and the JL XD600/6). When i correlated it to the brakes today, I had an aha! moment.

Any help? 6spdcoupe? VP Electricity? Technic? ....?