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Red face Vishnu Flexfuel -Where is my DME? No one has any answers.(UPDATE- MISCOMMUNICATION)

As of this morning, this was my problem:

"Well, I sent my DME to Vishnu on Tuesday, and should have it back tommorrow. However, this may be without the flexfuel they say they are waiting for some parts to come in. So I've paid the $800 price, but so far am only getting the $100 product. Oh well.:sigh:"

I needed my car back on the road because it was at a shop that is closing next week to attend a convention. That made it seem like no DME on Friday= No car until the week of the 14th.

I spent the day pissed off because not only was it unclear as to whether the DME had shipped, but the one time I was able to get a live person-Robert- he did not know and said he would have to find out from Shiv. This was at 11AM. I tried calling again at 2:30. The rest of the day- voicemail only, no answers.

Finally a fellow forum user saw my post and gave me Shiv's cell. Shiv answered, and sure enough he was enroute to drop off my- and everyone elses- DME and/or Flex Fuel kits. There was a miscommunication in that not only did I call Robert yesterday to make sure that, at the very least the DME was shipped before the weekend, but even called me back urgently needing my CC info to make sure Shiv had it before he left for FFTEC.

I also found out that at the very least, the front office for my shop would be minimally staffed for half of next week. So in the end, crisis averted, and I am really looking forward to getting the car back on the road--especially given the fact that it has brand new turbos on it.

So while I am updating this post to say yes, the matter is resolved, and yes, from California to Ohio- I was out the car from Tuesday to, well, Monday, my experience was not perfect and Shiv isn't just doing a friend a favor- I am a paying customer.

All in all it just sounds like Shiv is overworked trying to get this new product to market but clearer communications and clearer expectation setting would have helped 100% here.

I am certain the kinks will be worked out as this process continues, and Shiv seemed genuinely apologetic for what happened. And admittedly I am tad anxious and inpatient lately because I am an expectant father to an overdue baby. (wife was due on 10/01) Honestly I can get by fine without the car this weekend as we do have other cars. In fact I planned for the car being out this week as I was supposed to be home all this week based on the baby being a priority at the moment. (or so I thought at the time) My beef was that I really went out of my way- paying extra for 10am delivery to them, verifying receipt immediately, and impressing upon them that I would accept the DME w/o the flex fuel equipment if need be to get the car up and running- all because I thought it meant being out of the car for so long.

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