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Temp resident of CA and issues with tags?

Anyone here have experience with being a temp resident in CA? We live in FL and my wife is going to be out in CA going to school for the next 8 months. She is taking her car and it appears that CA wants her to re-title, register, smog, switch insurance and get a new drivers license. Students under 24 years old are not required to register but my wife is 43.

Once done with school, she would then need to title, register, insure and change her drivers license back to FL. The car is currently in both of our names and I will only be in CA on random weekends. The ticket for not registering in CA is $300 which is actually less than all of the above items. The problem would be if she got more than one ticket .

I am perfectly OK with giving the CA tax man his $$$. I simply don't want to re-pay all the fees associated with coming back to FL as a new resident when we technically never left. As she did not spend more than 6 months of any calendar year in CA she is not a CA resident.