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Coding problem: what is MRS5.ipo?

After much pain, I've finally gotten updated SPDaten and have the whole BMW toolchain installed. I'm finally to the point that INPA will read my car happily, but upon trying to query airbag info, I get the error
C:\EC-APPS\INPA\sgdat\MRS5.ipo(1) : error I300: Error opening object file

Clearly I've loaded the SPDaten wrong, but I can't begin to tell you why. Any ideas?

UPDATE: the above INPA install is 5.0.6. I had an install of 5.0.1 (or .2?) gotten from elsewhere. I copied the files from .2's sgdat into .6's, replacing the missing file and fixing THIS error. but now I get a bunch of angry version mismatch errors in INPA. Is that do do with copying the files as I did, or is that an indication that my ECU software is more up to date than my SPDaten?

So I'm getting errors like this. They are scary.

EDIT again: also this other version error. I feel like I shouldn't ignore these.

And edit again. Following the infamous NCS_DIY.pdf, I get to step 40, hit F3, and get this third error: VIN is faulty, error in coding description file.

Does anyone have a recent, actually-functional coding setup tutorial? I can't seem to find anything cohesive.
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