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European Delivery - Aug 6, 2007 - 335i Coupe

August 6th couldn't come soon enough. I placed my order for my 335i Coupe back in early March to be delivered in Munich (about 5 months in advance). Because my wife is a college professor whose vacation schedule is limited to the short gap between the end of the summer term and the beginning of the fall semester, we weren't flexible and therefore had to request a date WAY in advance.

I survived the 150 day wait and finally we headed off to Munich. Here is a picture of me before the 9.5 hour direct flight to Munich from my home town of Fort Myers.
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(FYI, I graduated from the University of Florida in 2006, after the first NCAA Championship, but before the consecutive thrashings of Ohio State. My t-shirt reads: BUCKEYES Somebody has to be Second Place)
We chose to pay full price for two non-stop tickets via LTU because the savings from the Lufthansa 2-for-1 deal wasn't worth making 2 stops. In addition, the 2-for-1 offer does not apply to flights operated by other airlines and Lufthansa does not fly into Fort Myers, so we would have had to pay full price for a round-trip flight to Charlotte or NYC.

We got to Munich on Saturday morning and took the S-bahn to the city center (Marienplatz), just before the famous Glockenspiel chimed. It was behind scaffolding, so that sucked. After dragging our luggage for a couple of blocks we checked into our hotel. We did Mike's Bike Tours, which you MUST do if you go, and saw all the sights which were explained by Will, our comedic yet informative guide. I don't want to bore you with random shots of Munich, you'll get to experience them for yourself when you go. Below are shots of cars I saw while on the tour:
Audi A5 (Haven't yet seen one in the U.S.):
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Porsche GT3 (I also saw the orange one, but I wasn't fast enough with my camera):
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BMW Hydrogen7 (It only makes about 200HP, but I guess there's only a handful of them around. I am not an environmentalist, but if we can lessen our dependence on foreign oil, while maintaining the performance standards we are accustomed to, I'm all for this research):
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Audi R8 (Again I was slow getting the camera, but you can just see the left rear of the car in the center of the pic):
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