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sebaNYC, thanks for your purchase.
About some issues you mentioned, I'd like to explain here:

1. From the beginning, we have told you guys that D5114 can NOT be compatible with the hifi system if it is made by fiber cables. Our unit can only be compatible with those analog sound system.

2. About the GPS issue, you use the Garmin & iGo so we don't know how accurate it is. The built-in map comes with the unit is Sygic. It's up to you to use which map.

3. If others can't hear you via bluetooth, please try as follows:
A. After connecting the bluetooth, you have to both make or receive calls by operating in DVD player. Do not use your mobile again to make or receive calls.
B. Use another mobile phone to test.

4. About the ipod features you mentioned, this unit is designed like this, so it's normal.

5. About the curve in the bottom, I've asked our tech to check your pics carefully. The main reason should be your installation, the air condition is staying out so much that it pushes the frame out. You can try to ask the installer if they can do something for the AC control installation.

6. About the steering wheel control issue, pls check if the SWC buttons are all normal themselves, and check if the SWC wires are all well connected.

If your problems still exist and need any further assistance, pls kindly send me a PM with your Email address, Order No. or Serial No. I'll try my best to help. Thanks!