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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
Yes i believe the mid will fit. You can put the tweeter in the air vent next to the midrange, BUT the external crossover does not fit there, so you would have to run wiring through the dash and put the crossover next to the fuse panel or anywhere else you can fit it. Sounds like like a PITA.
Thanks kaigoss, appreciate it, currently have an L7 center, was advised that a tweeter was a must in a center channel speaker, was looking for some coaxials and came across the DLS, I am sure it is better SQ wise than the Focal IC100 (which I think I unfortunately will now have to buy) but I'd rather avoid the installation headaches I have morel Hybrid ovations as front door speakers, will the focals be a good match as centers ? cannot afford the morel xo's unfortunately

Also do I need to use the crossovers, I am amping the center through an Audison LRX 6.9 which has built in crossovers?