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Originally Posted by Zebra99 View Post
Okay so on this topic then...

From what I understand its all about production dates of the board?

I got my PNP around jan/feb 2012 from a previous member who had probably purchased it mid 2011. Do I then have a G4 board or G5 board?

If I have a G4 board....should I send to Terry to modify or just sell and buy a "newer" JB4.
You most definitely have a G4 board. Depending what you're boosting, you might even have the older 18 ohm board if the previous owner didn't update the resistor to the more current 15 ohm upgrade.

If you do get the G5 board, be aware that you might have to do wire swapping also. It's really going to depend how old your JB4 is. Newer JB4's (1-2years old, give or take) are a direct plug and play for the basic G5 board. Below will explain how to check if you'll need to do anything.

From Terry's G5 thread on his forum:
"The G5 plugs in to the same JB4 harness, although those using older harnesses may need to swap around wires ............ We don't have notes on when we started orienting them in the current proper configuration but we think it was around 2010. Harnesses that don't have a white connector, or that have an old 3 port expansion connector, will definitely need to be checked with a multimeter ....."