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The worst day of my life: Would appreciate help

Soo.. where to begin...

I have been selling my car for a month. Found a buyer offering me a good price for my E90. Went to great lengths over the past 2 weeks getting the car up to ship shape taking it out with him and getting inspected from his mechanics. Great! I sold my car! On my way to pick up my new s2000... when I find out this guy has lied to me and tampered with the odometer of his car which read 60,000.. the UVIP states 173,000. What a let-down.. I drive home with my head in my hand feeling depressed that I'm losing my beloved car with nothing good to replace it.... BAM!

Some asshole driving by himself in the carpool lane on Yonge St. smashes into my front end as he drives by................. WHILE I'M ON MY WAY TO SELL MY CAR.

So - it looks like I'm going to be keeping my beloved car till the very end.. almost as if it was meant to be. I am extremely upset at how the day went but realize it could be much worse.

The E90 suffers only bumper damage... and only a golf ball size bump on the fender that I'm sure can be easily fixed.. Also maybe needs a new set of right headlights.

So does anyone know how/what is the best way to get myself an M3 Rep bumper.. and what is a good auto/body shop that can paint it, install it and fix the minor imperfections on the surrounding area.

I might even need a new fender liner, not sure.