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haha - thanks guys.. I don't look at it in the sense of "if only I had stayed here a minute longer.. if only I did this thing different" because then I could also be looking at it like - "perhaps this saved me from rolling my S2K one day and killing my self"

It could definitely be worse - but there is just no other word for my day other than BUMMER!!!!

It won't feel nice paying the insurance man a little bit more per month for years either.

Shit happens - The guy was a major rude asshole.. which really rubbed me the wrong way - very self entitled fat little man who wouldn't acknowledge me when I came by to check if he was okay.. instead he "shh'd" me and told me that I better watch out because he's called the cops. Cops basically told him that they can't be bothered and to just deal with it, so he continually paced around talking to his wife on the phone while ignoring the pleas I made to get the cars off the road so that the people coming home from work (it was rush hour) could get home to their families a little faster. He kept going on and on saying "buddy do you even know how much this will cost????!!! THOUSANDS".. (he drove some old buick SUV).. discounted the fact that I have a BMW and I know how much things cost. I've never met such a soulless evil little fat jewish man (not derogatory, he was an orthodox fat little jewish guy with a yamaka). He must live a terribly lonely and angry life.

ANYWAY - can anyone help out with getting me back on the road?!