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Re: Adamant on 19"

Originally Posted by mapleridge View Post
I see now, but you are concerned with lip damage on that one style, what about the minimal tire wall you would have with 19's and the possiblity of bends and sense me pushing you towards 18's?
Yes, I see you pushing.

Mind is set on 19". I've decided to either buy the CS.16 or the Forgestar.
I think I'll be okay. I had 18" two piece ATS wheels on my e36 M3. The barrel was spun but the center was cast. I lost one wheel in 7 years. I had 225/40 in the front and 245/40 in the rear. This corresponds to a sidewall of 90mm in the front and 98 in the rear. For 235/35 and 265/30 this corresponds to 83mm in the front and 80 mm in the front. I suspect the load rating of 1500 lbs or so per wheel will be okay.

The suspension on my e36 with Bilstein, etc. was much stiffer than this e90 even with the sport package.

Not going to convince to get the 18", I'm a bit stubborn.