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Why are tires for the E90 335 sport models so few?

OK, run flat tires have a bad rep for the last couple of years. My 335i Sedan, with the sport package, came with the Bridgestone Potenzas 50 series run flats.

Like people have complained, they are harsh, and give the car a hard ride. Having said this, I have read that the new 60 series All Season Bridgestone run flat 3rd generation tires are much better.

I want to stay with a RFT because it is just more peace of mind since this is also a family car, so I don't want to go to a non-rft even though at the end of the day they are cheaper and give better performance.

And here's my question: Why are there so few choices for the sport package staggered 335i RWD sizes? Basically RFT are OEM from BMW, but if you want to find a winter or all season RFT there are very little choices available - and the all season Bridgestones seem to always be on back order.

What gives? I'm trying to see if the Pirelli winter performance tires for this car are any good, and how the newer Bridgestones are.

Is anyone else sort of lost with the lack of information and choices for run flat tires?