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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
What car and what OS? It may not be the problem, but it is a matter of fact that both INPA and Ediabas are a few versions old in that download. They seemed to get angry at my data file updates, but I'm not sure whether it's the software being old or the data updates being incomplete that's to blame.

Edit: looking at your profile info - is it the 06 325xi in question? 3 years isn't long for a car, but it's an eternity in software. It wouldn't surprise me if that's part of the issue.
yes mine is an 06 325xi and i am coding with a 32bit laptop with windows xp. i tried running ncsexpert on my other laptop which is windows 7 64bit using xp mode in virtual machines and could not get that set up to communicate at all with the car. if you are getting error codes back from the car i would say that you are either setting up the files or profiles wrong, using conflicting versions or inpa//edibias or as you mentioned different data updates. but im no expert. there is a thread to post in for errors like this id recommend