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Forged Wheels

Originally Posted by mapleridge View Post
lol....I see you are quite set. Well I can't say that I know too much about the quality of either of those two brands. I hoped to reveal more in my thread but no one really gave me feedback.
The Sportline CS.16, Forgestar, TSW Interlagos, TSW TSW Nurburgring, Beyern Bavaria (made by TSW) Are all available in a 19" fitment for an e90. All are rotary forged. The Enkei is rotary forged using their MAT process. It's a 18" wheel so, I'm not interested. Same with the Apex. Great wheel, but only 18".

I've had TSW wheels before and they were okay with good customer service. This was some 10 years ago though. Sportline only makes two different wheels. Forgestar makes good wheels but I've heard mixed things about their quality control and lead times. Since all wheels are made to order, you might wait 8-12 weeks so don't be in a hurry.

The Sportline are the most inexpensive rotary forged wheel. The Forgestar the most expensive. You get the maximum number of options for finish and offset with the Forgestars but if you just want silver in a standard offset, then it might not be the wheel to buy, because it is the most expensive.

All the rotary forged wheels have a load of somewhere around 1700-1850 lbs.
So in terms of strength, they are all about the same.

The Sportline and TSW are stocked in basic fitments for 19" but don't expect any custom offsets. The benefit is they are stocked and relatively easy to get.

So if you like the TSW or Sportline, you can get them pretty quick. On the other hand if you want custom finishes and or offsets, then the Forgestar is the only way to go.

I've done quite a bit of research and I think I'm going to pass on the Forgestars even though I really like them. I don't think I want to wait 8-12 weeks (Christmas) to get my wheels. I can always powder coat any wheels I get but, I can live with silver.

Is this the type of feedback you were looking for?