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Originally Posted by lthai View Post
Thanks, the G63 would've been an extra 30K which we felt was too much to spend on a daily driver. Plus we didn't want to wait out the 2-3 months build time. And I don't know about your mom but the reason why my wife picked the G55 in lieu of the G550 was because she felt that the extra power would "help her avoid accidents"....

Thanks, I'll take it back to the dealership tomorrow for them to look at. her avoid accidents in a what, 7,000lb, military-derived SUV. ha ha ha. This thing will demolish anything in an accident aside from a semi.

I hope I see it on the beltway someday, it looks really good. I'll own a completely impractical SUV with a huge engine someday. If it was ny money I'd of got the M, but it's your wife's car and she probably doesn't care about skidpad grip or 1/4 traps.
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