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Good experience from Soaper BMW Lincoln

I have had a few Tyre pressure warnings over the last 2 weeks. I initially thought i had a slow puncture but while washing the car i noticed the valve bubbling. I was quite pleased as the tyres are still good knew a replacement valve was going to be easy to fix.

I have a personal rule about not going anywhere near the neanderthals at kick fit so went to a local tyre place. However he said he wouldn't replace the valve on run flat as he didn't know about the "sensor in the tyre" I tried to explain there is no sensor but after watching the confusion spread across his face thought im not letting you near my car anyhow.

Off i went to Soaper BMW in Lincoln thinking at least i will get the job done properly but will be unnecessarily lighter in the wallet. Several cups of coffee and some nice home made cake later along came the very nice service chap who told me they had put new valves in the rear wheels and the repair was free! (2008 car so no warranty)

As my first ever visit to a BMW dealer im rather impressed! Im sure the motive was to get me to go back when something really pricey breaks but I call that good customer service and i will certainly be more likely to use them again...... Plus the cake was very nice!