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Originally Posted by cstmx_ryder View Post

So when they replaced the pump, you said they weren't 'satisfied' meaning it helped a little or not at all? Then they went on to replace the steering rack, and that solved the issue?

So does that mean that the hose nor the pump was the culprit, and it was ONLY the steering rack? I think the rack is the most expensive one out of the whole steering component, right?


P.S. BMW should have a recall for the steering rack. Because obviously there's at least a handful of people that have this issue, and that's just on the forum alone. I can only imaging how many more people have this issue that aren't on the forum.....sigh.
I think youre right, the rack is the most expensive part which is why they needed approval from BMW to replace it. I would not have wanted to pay for all of this after warranty ran ouit. Car is fine now ...other than the new rattle in the dash ...they also replaced the HVAC fan.