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Man, you guys are sucking the life out of my day! Have the shop put your car in the parking lot and call Robert rather than wining to the world about your shortcomings. You do know it's not even 7am PST. Call Robert in a couple of hours and get the status of your shipping if UPS hasn't updated. Hopefully UPS dropped the ball and their tracking system is down for web updates, which happens. Shit happens, get over it, that's life. Sorry if I seem a little short with your approach to crying wolf, but get a life man.

I've had my kit installed for over a month now and absolutely love it and can tell you that the only other issue you could have is your LPFP can't keep up with your car if you run high Ethanol % and are FBO... So if you didn't get your order in with Robert for the LPFP booster, do so.... Save your self some time so we don't have to hear you bitch'n about how sucky your day is anymore. LOL

BTW, sorry for being a pin head about this. Nothing personal. Hope you get things hooked up and everything works as it should. You'll enjoy the fact that you can see the actual % of Ethanol. When you get the kit installed, and you need any advice shoot me a PM. I've been playing with timing and boost. I'm hitting 21 psi and timing from 10 to 16 deg without drops. Car pull like no tomorrow with 500+ ftlbs at 4k.