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Originally Posted by phil200tdi View Post
If it was just wastegate rattle then they could have been adjusted for £150!

I had my turbos done on Wednesday, cost me half the amount quoted above.

Would the warranty have covered my turbos given the fact I have Catless Downpipes, FMIC, Meth kit, Diverter valves etc? I dont think so. If the clutch went tomorrow, I'm sure they would say the same story, the clutch isnt designed to have 50% more power/torque running through it.

If you want a warranty, keep the car standard or just tune only.

if you plan to go further, then pocket the cash.

"You have to Pay to Play"
Like I say they wouldn't of made much money out of just adjusting/replacing wastegate actuator arms, so two new complete units it was!
You wouldn't take a car for a warranty claim with downpipes, intercooler etc.. fitted anyway, as I'm pretty sure it would void the warranty, and therefore be a waste of money.

I agree not worth taking on a warranty with mods.

What I am saying is the BMW insured warranty is very very good, and offers piece of mind for people who can't face huge bills for repairs.