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I guess as long as the welding avoids the springy clip part then we should be okay.

As far as the colour and logos go.... Hmmm, maybe not something quite as ostentatious as the orange, but I'm not going to the hassle of making the calipers more aesthetically pleasing just to paint them black or silver to effectively hide them again (I should point out I now have black CSL alloys) IMO red is the cheapest look for calipers now. A designer wouldn't necessarily pick red to go with black and gray so ill be trying to thread a fine line between boring and tasteless. It's a hard call, I'm not out to fool anyone that I've got some special brakes from a snazzy company but I like the glossy colourful finishes they often have.

Now the logo.... As far as I think now, BMW have diluted the M-brand so much themselves. I have a full msport interior so that ///M logo is already on 2 pieces of trim. I think if I put M3 etc on then that'd be silly, but ///M now means something else within the BMW brand... M-sport has been around for ages now!!

I wouldn't just put BMW on them as that looks strange since no other brakes go for car manufacturer branding. They're not BMW performance brakes so that's a wee bit cheeky too. Is there another logo that I'm missing that'd be more correct or suitable? 335i maybe?