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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
I have to say President Obama was not at his best during that debate. His performance could have been much better.

That being said, Rmoney did a rather amazing job with his lies and mistruths again. Like shabadoo said, 27 lies in 38 minutes. And the balls on the guy to go after PBS while a host from PBS is moderating the debate. Yeah because it's the funding for PBS that is just killing our budget. Sure.

I am not surprised that the right-wing crowd here is positively foaming at the mouth at the prospects of Rmoney doing well in the debate. It's a pretty good display of the integrity of Rmoney supporters when you champion a guy who just simply can't give the truth.

EDIT: PBS issues a statement about the debates. In it they say that PBS costs each taxpayer $1.35. Personally, I am fine with paying $1.35 for public broadcasting over the year. I'll spend $2.45 on a starbucks later this morning, so forkin' over a buck fifty for Big Bird is fine with me.
If you'd be kind enough to skip the Starbucks and pony up the $1.35 for me I'd appreciate it. Thanks