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Originally Posted by r3dbimmer89 View Post
Everyone wants to throw in the fact that with each generation people moan and groan which is true but the fact is the E90 was the last true 3er. The E90 did become more soft when compared to its predecessors but the F30 jumped ship. The F30 still has some of that BMW feel in its chassis feel which is not really all that different from the E90 minus some softer bushings and steel replacing aluminum. I think the biggest let down is the steering feel. I bet if BMW included the same hydraulic steering from the E90 we wouldn't be reading those reviews claiming that the E90>F30.

As far as the M5, physics allow engineers to do so much to a big a** car like the F10 so Inside line summed it up...if the F10 M5 was a M7 this would be a glorious, magnificent ///M but it's not a true M5 when compared to its predecessors. They called it boring...

I think it has something to do with a NA I6