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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
And the balls on the guy to go after PBS while a host from PBS is moderating the debate. Yeah because it's the funding for PBS that is just killing our budget. Sure.

I am not surprised that the right-wing crowd here is positively foaming at the mouth at the prospects of Rmoney doing well in the debate. It's a pretty good display of the integrity of Rmoney supporters when you champion a guy who just simply can't give the truth.

EDIT: PBS issues a statement about the debates. In it they say that PBS costs each taxpayer $1.35. Personally, I am fine with paying $1.35 for public broadcasting over the year. I'll spend $2.45 on a starbucks later this morning, so forkin' over a buck fifty for Big Bird is fine with me.
When was the last time you watched PBS, it is crap. Sesame Street sucks (I have a two year old we have watched an episode) none of the programming would survive is there was any competition.

If you are trying to balance your personal budget the first thing you do is cut out unnecessary spending, like Starbucks for example. PBS is the governments Starbucks, it can go and after a week nobody will miss it.