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UPDATE FROM GERMANY: I got a note from Matt, who has completed the trip to Wagner, and now has the new Wagner i/c on his car. Here's his account:

I just got back after the 11 hours trip with a 45 minute long traffic jamb and 1,160 kilometers to and from traveled.

This intercooler is awesome. Noticed a difference right away. Carsten the owner of Wagner and I did temperature checks before and after the new intercooler install. The old intercooler was reading around 64 degrees Celsius from the intercooler to the intake with an ambient outside air temp of 11 degrees Celsius. The new one had an outside air temp of 12 degrees Celsius and an awesome 41 degrees Celsius from the intercooler to the intake.

The new Wagner intercooler needed absolutely zero cutting of the front bumper to install. Just one piece of plastic had to be removed on the RH side of the intercooler. Carsten said that he would be posting photos. I will post them when I get a chance.

I left there around 1300 my time and around 0700 AM your time. Carsten also stated he was going to put in the word after I left to start production of 100 of them. Again this is a great addition to our already potent 335d engine.
So, there you have it. Pretty damn cool. We have an fmic for our cars that fits the factory location. I don't know if Wagner plans additional tests or not. I'm pretty happy with what Matt has seen in the temp testing, and it sounds like he's happy with what he's seeing with his car. We're getting closer to being ready to go!