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Help! location of manifold stem/nipple?

Does anyone know where the stem/nipple on the intake manifold is located? The vac hose accidently pulled off when I was trying to undo the hose attached to the bov and now I cant find where it originally came from!
Can someone confirm this is the correct vacuum stem on the manifold??

Also, I have a Tial Q bov and they told me I need a larger .25 inner diameter vac line then the .16 I'm currently using, however when I test fitted a .21 it did not fit snug onto the stem in the pic, it did not take much wiggle force to come off. Is it still ok or should I stick with the .16?
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Last edited by dy62180; 10-05-2012 at 03:09 PM. Reason: forgot to attach pic. can someone confirm this is the stem/nipple in the center of the pic?