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So I just tried this on my 2009 E90 - setting
TUERAUF_STOP_MAUT -> nicht_aktiv

successfully defeated the interruption ONLY in the case that my key fob is IN. So where previously any opening of any door would stop any window in the process of automatically rolling up, NOW I can open the door with a window in motion and it won't be stopped. BUT if I take the key out, the safety feature behaves as before. Which, of course, sort of defeats the purpose - I want to be able to auto-roll-up as I'm getting out of the car. How often do you open your door while closing your window with the key still in?

At any rate, I haven't searched yet, if I find the other codes to hit I'll post back here for info. In the mean time, if anyone knows off hand, I'd be much obliged

EDIT: So looking around, I don't see anything obvious. But now I've thought of something. It seems to me that the car automatically disables everything once the key is out and a door has been opened. For example, sitting in the car with the key in, I can use all windows. Pull the key out, I can still. But then with the key out, if I open a door, everything locks down until I reintroduce the key. In that case, it kind of makes sense that the window would stop automatically rolling once the car enters that disabled state. So maybe there's not a way to change it. But I wish there was

By the way, sorry to resurrect a year-old thread. But my desire for info stands :P

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