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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Assuming you mean because Obama is gonna win, then I got news for you.... it's not just conservatives who are gonna be in a world of hurt after the 7th... it's going to be anyone (yes, even card-carrying Democrats) who is in the 53% who pays income taxes. With his policies, that world of hurt will just slowly get worse.

If you are a net consumer of the entitlement pot, then you'll be happy, if you are a net contributor, not so much. Like I said before, any initiative that calls for taking from Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Paul. If there are more "Pauls" than "Peters" in raw numbers, and their votes count the same, guess what happens...

I do understand that the liberals may not realize it at first, their joy upon learning their "idol" has got another 4 years will mask anything else at first. If it's anything like 2008, I expect to see people literally weeping with joy. Hopefully it does not cause them to drop their taxpayer-funded cellphones, it would just be adding insult to injury if I have to buy them another one.

Probably sometime during Q1 of Calendar 2013, when people see that gridlock has continued, then the honeymoon will start to wear off and the hangover sets in. I wonder how many more budget proposals that fail unanimously will occur before the lightbulb goes on?
I'm a net contributor and I'll proudly pay more taxes once Obama is re-elected. It is the patriotic thing to do to get our country on the right fiscal track.

Rmoney is proposing NOTHING new. He's doubling down on the failed con "trickle down" policies. Sorry been there, done that, and look at the mess we're in based on the con policies under W. Does Rmoney really think we're all that stupid not to remember a mere 4 years ago????