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I ordered a set of 15mm spacers and new lug bolts from ECS Tuning last night. Im figuring I have enough room to fit these. At least I hope I do lol. Being the 225/35/19 tire is stretched on the 8.5 inch +35 front wheels I think it should work. I did a few measurements but wasnt exactly positive where on the tire to measure. So I put I ruler on the inside of the front fender and measured from the top of the tire to the ruler(where fender would be.) Does this sound like the proper measurement? I came up with 3/4 of an inch. Which calculates out to be 19.05mm which seems like plenty clearance. But if I measure the tire closer to the rim itself to the fender its about 5/8ths. That comes out to be 15.875mm. So assuming I have 5/8ths or 3/4 inch of clearance, should the 15mm spacers fit?

And project335i did help me out and said the 15mm will fit. Youve been a great help with this whole wheel situation I have. And if anyone knows he would with those massive wheels lol. But I just thought Id get a few more opinions although the spacers are already ordered. Yeah I know, Im anal.
2009 E92 BMW M3.