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friendly reminder to everyone to replace your cabin air filter periodically... this is how the one in the RS looks like. considering that the previous owner used the car mostly on the track with AC and blower off, i am surprised how dirty it is...

i also changed the engine air filter at the same time. this way both me and the engine can breath better
Find any mice?

A guy was having problems with intermittent misfiring / stuttering. He brought his car in to the dealer a few times and they couldnt find the problem. After a few weeks with no luck and very bummed out, he decided to bring the car in to his mechanic for a planned race car conversion.

Sure enough a family of mice moved in under the back seats next to the fuel delivery system of the car and they mice started to nibble various wires that shorted out from time to time ... True story. Little fokkers.

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Ok Marc's (Gtfour) ride to Tremblant is cancelled

who's up for a Breakfast meet tomorrow ?

My suggestion is... Fahad decides since he started this.
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Cosmopolitan? If you guys have another place, please suggest it!
Sounds good.
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I'm in
9AM to accommodate Ken?
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