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Originally Posted by DR-JEKL
I have always been meaning to do a w/e at Wakey, cant this time around but would be keen in the future!

What sorta setup do you run on your 335i sussy and tyres etc?
Took me a moment to work out what you were talking about

First time was the std fbo performance mods now I have pss all round, m3 front conversion and meth the rear is still stock and you can feel it now the front is tightened up.

Just got the advan Nashin brakes installed yesterday so I am keen to see how they feel.

At the end of the day you can go 100% stock, shit I regularly see poobs, corollas, wagons, civics, pulsars and every now and then some poor fool in a vert :

It's not about having the best track car but pushing yourself in a safe environment (read no fuckwit pedestrian walking on the road, fuck that shots me).

Mind you once you go you will want to go back (unless you have an m car and are schooled by a fat old bloke in a civic ) and then want more and more mods to go harder.