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@deadbang, sorry I'm another one not using b100 (yet). But, i read the whole thread for education purposes. I really want to be able to go to biodiesel in the long term. An issue to be concious of is that dynodiesel leaves trace stuff behind that other dyno diesel will not dissolve. But this stuff is soluable in bioD. What I'm trying to say is if you have a vehicle that has been running dynoD for long term and you want to switch over, there would be potential for clogging up parts in the fuel system. The BioD is not clogging due to its own chemistry but rather because it breaks stuff loose from the dynoD.

Do you all follow me? I bought my diesel as with long term use of bioD in mind. Most here will think I'm crazy but I am waiting to get closer to warranty's end. I'm doing "middle" oil changes on my own as I don't care for the idea of 12,000 mile oil intervals. So, running bioD isn't going to increase that expense as I'm already there.

Good luck deadbang