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Originally Posted by pavo335 View Post
when I hear of these insurance options i think these chaps are never gonna pay up, they are experts in avoidance and will find a reason to NOT pay. IMHO i'd suggest you put 5% of the purchase price aside for the fix it fund and in 12 months if you dont need it transfer the funds to the upgrade fund
+ 1 for these guys being experts of avoidance.

I have this cover and within the first six months my rocker cover gasket went as did the water pump. Both times I was told to take the car to their approved garage (not a BMW specialist) to have the problems fixed. It was only after the work was done that they quoted some small print to say I somehow wasn't covered.

as a result I had to pay a non-BMW specialist garage to do the work for twice what I could have had it done for (my flatmate works for BMW Sydney and I could have just took the car there).