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Originally Posted by NvTwist
Originally Posted by Alpine390
My ex girlfriend used to put her feet on the windshield and sunroof, sit sideways in the seats, change gears when the clutch wasn't pushed in just because she knew it annoyed me. They haven't found her body.
My wife (ex) decided to drive to the store but decided she wanted to drive my car, took the key didn't say a word. I hear a car that sounds really nice start up. I opened the front door and watched her drive away... I divorced her 2 weeks later. It's not that she drove my car, even thou its MY car. She's asked to drive it, I told her no, she decided to disrespect me and take it. So I still have my car, but a new girl. Yeah I'm an A**hole but I'm open about it.
Well, that escalated quickly.