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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
What was the difference in cables and why did you originally pull out pin 8? I'm having this same error right now, maybe related.
the cable difference was really whether it can really read CAN type ECU... apparently after march 2008 build date...they switched from Kline to DCAN and some of the cables that says its Dcan compatible... really wasn't......

I originally took out pin 8 for the OLD cable was that i wasa afriad there were traces between 7and8 that i couldn't see... just to eliminate if it was soldered or internally traced together.....

I bought a newer cable that supports past the march 2008 build date and can do up to 2011 i believe... and that cable worked on my 08 and 07... haven't used it on anything else tho...

Hope this helps...