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FFTEC/Vishnu inline Fuel Pump INSTALLED :)


I am NOT a Vishnu Fan Boi. I owned other tunes (GIAC and COBB) as I always had Audis where FLASH tunes were the best options in town. Also, opening ECU boxes is a PAIN and IMO not the most elegant form of applying a tune to a car from a user perspective, but at this time FFTEC/Vishnu are the only folks to offer a solution that will allow to run any variation of E85 and has the best drivability to any other tuned I have owned. If there were better solutions on the market, I would have gone that route.

So about two weeks ago I dropped my car off at FFTEC for the E85 Flash and Flex Fuel Sensor Install, AND a wavetrac LSD install and today I get a text from Shiv, "CAR IS READY!".

I am stoked! needless to say. They needed to keep the car a bit longer as there were some shims needed for the LSD as well as some fine tuning of the E85 Maps for my car.

So I arrive and greeted by the FFTEC and Vishnu Crew (Mike, Shiv, Aaron, Sean, Aaron, William). My car is waiting out front and William tells me...."So your car just got the first FFTEC/Vishnu prototype low pressure fuel pump." I am stoked to say the least!!!

So I whip out my credit card to pay and Mike insists I drive the car before taking any payment....

Sounds good to me!

I start her up and first thing I notice is a stock smoothness idle, no hiccups or long cranks. So I head out of the driveway and rip her up and down their local roads, and OH MAN! Being able to run 100% E85, having an LSD and a tune to support everything is Tits!!!!

My first words to William were ,"This car F*CKING RIPS" and my Wavetrac behaves completely stock like without any extra noises or Clunks that other people complain about.

I had a nice 40 mile drive back to San Francisco, running 100% E85 and had some opportunities for short 2-3rd gear pulls and the car pulls hard and strong all the way to redline. I couldn't believe that all my car has is DCI's, tune and E85 (stock IC Stock DP's). I am very excited to get my new clutch so Shiv can dial up boost and Dyno this thing!

Also to everyone, I am running a Rev 2.5, so you do not need the Rev 3.

To existing procede owners, this is easily the biggest HP to $ gain. Also Shiv had to dial down boost because my clutch can't hold the extra power (First world problems)

This car has seen every iteration of the Procede V1 - Rev 2.5 and I have had an opportunity to own a GIAC Flash and COBB, and I can easily say that this Tuning Solution is a huge $/HP upgrade/

Also as note, before the install of the E85 kit and LPFP, I was having rough idle issues with hiccups at idle, so I wanted to test my idle when I got home and everything idles PERFECTLY at 600RPM.

Also a bonus: E85 is under $4/gallon. 91 in San Francisco is $4.50 a gallon, but this is cancelled out by my heavier foot

Traction + Power = WIN Thanks again to the FFTEC and Vishnu Team!

NOTE: I took Shiv's single turbo car out for a spin.... F.M.L. It's SCARY Fast. Also, if you don't ever plan on buying this kit DO NOT take his offer on driving this car. You will obsess over getting this upgrade, I know I am! Again, first world problems.


Now it's time to research a new clutch that can hold this power, but does not effect daily driving characteristics.

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