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Originally Posted by mapleridge View Post
it's a lot less work, money and weight to do it like I did. Contact forum vendor cyba. I bought his tips. Any of his quad tips should work out for you. Great service. He overnighted my tips from taiwan. Lots of styles and finishes to choose from. I will buy another set soon to complete my ultimate exhaust finale.

You will need a bumper that is made for quad or dual tips.
  • Stock 335i bumper (dual)
  • Mtech bumper with 335i diffusor (dual)
  • Stock 328i bumper with symmetrical cut outs (quad)
  • mtech bumper with quad diffusor (quad)
  • m3 rep bumper (single or quad)

after that you need tips...check out cyba.

Once you have those two pieces I would contact a shop that is capable of doing this. Some may say it can't be done, space is limited yada yada yada. Just find someone with know how that is willing to do it. If it is a newbsteak muffler shop they might take longer and you pay by the hour. Ask people in your local area.
Thank you so much, I have been wanting to do this for a long time!