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Originally Posted by E90Brad View Post
Plan for 6 - 10 hours (6 if you don't need to retrofit the oil filter housing). I was lucky enough to find a shop that would cap off at 8 hours regardless on how long they took.

If you need to retrofit the oil housing, it is a daunting task. The intake manifold needs to be removed and if you are an xi I think the sub frame needs to be dropped.

Also mentioned above, pressure testing is important so you should plan to have a shop do the testing if you have DIY'd it.
No subframe drop necessary on mine. You can raise the intake manifold, you don't have to completely remove it. There is some kind of "box", (I forget exactly what it was,) that you need to remove with a special tool. I couldn't get it off the mount, so I just raised the intake manifold up and tried to make sure the gaskets weren't broken before putting it back together. I think I had to drill out the rivets in the crash bar to be able to mount the oil cooler mount. I didn't have mine pressure tested. Seems fine....