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This is quoted from another BMW forum


Having just spent the best part of an hour with a BMW tech who is applying the software update to the X6 & X5, I came across some very interesting information. Apparently the would be thefts are not breaking any windows to gain access and if you watch the video's carefully this is confirmed. They are simply using an electronic gadget to make all the windows drop the same way we can from our key fobs. Although we can disable this option using NCS expert, apparently this can still be over-ridden with this gadget.

The software update being installed simply totally removes the "all windows drop function". He said that there will be at least a further 4 weeks before the update is ready for the E60. The software update should only take 1hr BUT it has taken up to 7hrs on some X5 & 6

Hope the info helps he also said that the best way to be kept in the loop is to register on the 0800 number. His advice to deter them is to buy a decent steering wheel lock which I have already done and as the shelves were empty in my local halfords I guess everyone has done the same
Audi & Merc are also looking in to this as they all apparently have a similar option.


Well if that is the case, the update is a waste of time and will offer bugger all extra security. 90% of these thefts are committed by smashing the window so BMW, your a cop out if this is true!!