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Originally Posted by NoTempoLimitN54 View Post
Got a CBS / brake pad wear sensor question:

My car is still under factory warranty. When I got my car in July, the rear brakes had 4100 miles to go. They have been steadily declining since. When I do some fast driving on twisty roads, especially if I power out of corners, the miles to go will reduce by 100 miles each time. It's the DSC using the rear brake pads as a "simulated limited slip".

The indication got down to 1000 miles to go just before last weekend. On Sunday I did the BMWCCA autocross at the Auto Club Speedway in CA. A few days later the sensor still reads 1000 miles to go. There is no way that I didn't wear out those rear brake pads that day - we did 10 practice runs and 3 timed runs and I had DTC on the whole time.

Does the CBS miles to go stop at 1000 miles until you hit the second stage of the wear indicator? I need to know in order to schedule my appointment to get my rear pads changed. I want to get a nice BMW loaner and not just some cheesy rental car.

Plus my rear brakes squeal like hell and I want that problem resolved.

The CBS is a miles-to-go estimate of remaining pad life. Once the pad replacement indictor light comes on and stays on, the pads need to be replaced. You cannot just go by the CBS estimate.