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The window theory (dropping the window with fob) makes sense,I've mentioned before a link between the fob controlling the windows,and the wing mirrors, if you have that option enabled.

However,that theory is arguably flawed, as the key used to drop the windows, would I would have imagined, had to have been 'enabled' by the car itself,prior to the key being used in this way.

But I've read quite a few comments about the window method,some comments clearly come from people who know far more than me,and many others,and the consensus of opinion seems to be that pushing a screwdriver into the lock,does drop the windows,somehow.

However the biggest flaw is the car itself,and the way the security system can enable ANY compatible key which then enables that key to be used to drive the car away.

Going back to the rumour that the only software upgrade/modificaton BMW will be making is to the alarm system/sensors/blindspot,it makes sense to move the OBD port back to wherever people had hidden it,prior to the upgrade.

I certainly will.

Regardless of how effective BMW owners feel about this upgrade/enhancement/modification (take your pick!),it would be unwise to not have the work carried out.
I'd imagine that should your car get nicked, the insurers first port of call will be to BMW itself, to make sure the owner did have the work done.

Not having it done, leaves you at risk of a charge of negligence by your insurer,and the possibility of a voided policy!

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