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Originally Posted by pits200
So after the Procede flash I've had an issue of things running too rich in mid and higher rpms. So I decided what the hell, lets try as close to 100% e85 as I can get into my tank.

I have my ol fueling set to 50% when running 50/50 e85/93 and it ran nice but a little rich with fueling never really going over 20%. With ~100% e85 my logs were still running 12s to mid 11 afrs but the ol fueling actually touched 34% a few times. I almost forgot that I had ol fueling set to 50% so I bumped it up to 60% and voila, problem solved, fueling went back down to under 20%.

I'm at 56k miles, never changed the lpfp but it seems that with the flash, this fuel system can handle a lot of e85 with no issue. My afrs were fine, actually a little rich. No codes expect for 10720 and 10721 which is a fuel mixture code, I'm not sure if this is just a warning code but it doesn't seem to have any affect on the car.

I'll post logs later.
Can you log actual lpfp fuel pressure? I bet it's dipping quite low.